Testimonial | Charlie Carrel

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Testimonial | Adam Belus

I think this is a long time coming and should have been out a long time ago. Horses are big strong animals and require massage. You can tell a horse owner has made this; it is tremendously user friendly.

Dr Paul Wollenman, DVM

Everyone likes the blade a lot. Shanna is really into it and is mastering her technique. I just love it and really suggest it. We are using and enjoying the blade.

Charlie Carrel
 Grand Prix Show Jumper

I let a client who has several other blades try it out with her horse after our session (he has horrible scar tissue on the scapula) she said she prefers your prototype to the blades she currently owns.

I used it today on a weanling, he came in with blunt trauma to the pelvic girdle. His psoas were so tight and rigid. I do a lot of myofascial release by hand but this required a bit more and he absolutely loved it. Most of the horses have really liked it. Some fascial releases can be painful, so far I've heard none of them be upset over it!

Millie Woody
 Equine Body Worker

I'm really liking it so far, the mare I have been using it on really likes it. After I use it on her she licks her lips and rolls when I put her back away.

I love the HorseWell Massager for everyday use in our barn! I appreciate how lightweight and easy it is to use. It fits my hands perfectly in any of the edges I am using, and the shape of the blade conforms to any area of the horse. I love seeing the horses relax as the blade helps releases tension build up. I would recommend the HorseWell Massager to any horse owner!

Cassie Mitchell
 Cutting Horse Trainer and Rider

My horse gets abnormally muscle sore, and the blade has been so nice to have because it can get places that I can't with my hands! Think of how many horses this is going to help.

Maggie Poloncic
 Professional Barrel Racer

Keeping my horse feeling his best is incredibly important for us to win, and the HorseWell Massager is a key component to success.

Caleb Smidt
 3x World Champion Tie Down Roper, 8x NFR Qualifier

We’re just super grateful to get to try this awesome tool! I cant wait to be able to tell everyone to go get one ASAP. I’ve never seen anything like it and most modalities are either expensive or require a lot of training, and this was easy and effective.

Teal Stoll
 Professional Barrel Horse Trainer

I’m going to give credit to your blade. I got to use it for a longer period of time today than I did yesterday and I really truly think it helped significantly.

I love this blade and have incorporated it into my pre run routine! It’s easy to use, fits my horses confirmation well and is super effective. My horse responds to it with lots of yawning, licking and chewing, sighing, and overall contentment. Since beginning to use this blade I have noticed more fluidness in his motion and overall improved post run recovery without any other therapies.

Shawnee Williams
 Professional Barrel Racer, Certified Equine Body Worker